The song Stained is an introduction of the four main characters. They each tell their own story, so in fact it’s a mini opera in the opera.

Spoon Spoon.

Dartan and Constance lie pretty dazed on a mattress and they get drunker all the time. The drugs are about to take effect.
Salko sings about this and doesn’t understand them at all, although he provided the drugs himself.


Sheila manages a pub and tries to run it in a legal way. It’s a hard way to survive and it doesn’t always work. Although she does not always agree with her boyfriend, she still takes money from Salko.


Sheila and Constance are yelling at each other, talking about the fate that we as humans must face. Oppression, not being heard, capital that is not equally distributed, etc.


Salko has died and people don’t understand how this could have happened. Although they knew he was in the drug circuit, he didn’t really have many enemies. This because he had a good heart and also gave money to the poor.