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The Disappearance of good heart Joe

Stained – The Disappearance Of Good Heart Joe is a modern day rock
opera situated in a huge city, any huge city, called Stone Garden. It’s
about the low life of four young people with hardly a fair chance
in life and who, against all odds, survive their own way.

Main character is Dartan, a 22 year old intellectual and poet with
a destructive and anarchistic attitude. Addicted to drink and
drugs he’s not an easy guy and he causes lots of trouble. still he’s a
poetry genius who attracts a publisher of one of the largest book
companies in the country. But Dartan, who hates the establishment,
refuses to meet the publisher.

Constance is Dartan’s girlfriend, a 23 year old gorgeous woman,
highly intelligent but with the borderline syndrome and also into
the drinking and addicted to the attention of other men. Still,
their love is real. Impossible, but real.

Salko is Dartan’s best friend and Constance’s brother. A 25 year old
drug dealer who did rip Dave ‘the weasel’ o Brian, so he has a huge
problem there. Salko provides half the city with dope and, having a
good heart, spends lots of money on the bums and low lives on skid
row who see him as some modern day Robin Hood.

Sheila is a 22 year old beauty and Salko’s girlfriend. She runs The
Hood, a local bar where in the backroom Mama Suck, a worn out
prostitute, is doing her job. Though it’s Salko’s joint financed with
drug money Sheila really tries to run the business in an honest way.
Besides that: she and Salko are the prefect love couple.

Stained – The Disappearance Of Good Heart Joe is about THIS question:
The whole opera is a quest and maybe we find out where Joe is and
maybe we don’t.

The full songs of stained as it occur in the opera

The Script

Download the full script

Stained: themes and symbols

– And look at those fucks HERE. Fucking WANNABE’S with their tie and
suit. Fucking TWATS waiting to die. What’s the meaning of SUCCES?
Gonna die ANYWAY. Walking billboards with an ARSE, that’s what they
– No, it’s NATURE. You’re BORED now? Grass and rain and sun and soil.
ALL there is. Seen the CITY? City AIN’T grass. Well, HUMAN grass it is and
it’s UGLY. Rooms, buildings, windows, cars, it’s INSANE. We don’t create
DREAMS, we create NIGHTMARES. The HUMAN stain. Sickening. We
destroy this planet DAY by day. It’s fucking FIFTEEN degrees!
– Sheila’s a tough girl with a good heart. She knows the world’s fucked up
and that you have to fight to get what you want. That you have to fight
to keep it
– People want SUCCES stories, nice LOVE stories, so they can forget their
OWN problems.
– You could write one about US. The LOW life. The STREETS. SKID row.
REAL people starving their ARSES off.
– CELEBRATE? It’s my fucking BIRTHDAY! Fucking fake days seem to last
– You NEVER know. People are FUCKING complex. You have the FACE. The
EXPRESSION of the face. The TALK. You never really KNOW what’s on
somebody’s MIND. We’re ALL strangers to each other.
– BLOOD? We’re a fucking TRIBE now? These are fucking modern day
TIMES, motherfucker! We’re ’all INDIVIDUALS. AND loners. And I know
you people HATE this shit but it’s the MOTHERFUCKING truth!
– Too much LIFE. It will NEVER stop, this bullshit. It will NEVER stop. Till it
FINALLY stops. Fuck yeah.
– There are many definitions of LOVE, my friend, and they are ALL riddles.

– No, I mean, you CAN’T change folk. Love ain’t no concept though we
DEAL with it like one. LOVE flies. WE like to stay in the DIRT.
– During the song Constance joins him and sings the song also. They
provoke the walking suits, mock them, stand in their way, but the suits
with their empty faces walk on and on and on’)
o They thought us manners in a way we didn’t know
o They brought us banners on a day we didn’t show
o They tried to tame us in a way we never knew
o They tried to frame us on a day we were with few
o They sat there with us laughed a bitter sacred lie
o They gave us tickets to a wealthy common life
o They showed their treason, we said yes but we meant no
o And in this season in our mind, they never show
– It’s like JAZZ, you know. You don’t PLAY music, the music goes THROUGH
you, through your BODY, your MIND. you BECOME the music. You ARE
the music. WRITING’s the same. GOOD writing is. THAT’S the magic.
THAT’S the joy. Fucking HOLY, you know.
– She wears a spotless white blouse, light brown leather pants, red pumps.
A beautiful intelligent girl but fucked up, a borderliner. And she knows
she’s a borderliner and fucked up
o Don’t wanna bleed on skid row
o Normal life’s no choice these days
o Walking here on skid row so cool
o Don’t know what else to do
o there ain’t no career
– Guy’s gotta DO what a guy’s gotta DO
– Nah. NEVER. I mean they ALL succeed, right? Dying AIN’T a big thing.
BIRTH is the trouble part. And the REST that follows. That’s why I smoke
my PIPE and don’t TALK too much. That’s why I’m HERE. The PEACE, the

– You ARE a rebel. You believe in FREEDOM.
– Fucking DON’T believe in FREEDOM.
– You DON’T?
– No. Because it ain’t THERE… Well, it IS there.
– See!
– When you’re dead and GONE.
Dartan Salko
This is the story of the drunk yard pain
This is our road to hell
Wasting the days
Wasting all the lives
And the hunger stays
Forgetting the wives
This is it
Here we leave our bones
Getting old and not grown
– So WHAT? At least we ain’t FREEZING to death.
It’s NICE, in a couple of years we have ELEPHANTS and GORILLAS in the
streets. Earth is DYING. Look at the GRASS. Just LOOK at the grass
– dreams are scars built in a mirror
– our hope – our road to nowhere.
– WATCHING people. All the ugly STUFF they buy and don’t need. Watch
their SAD eyes. Their FAT bodies. Their BIG dollar smile CARS. Their FAT

– You two NEO hippies with our VIEW on life. So fucking GREAT! Maybe it’s
TIME you people gonna earn your OWN money! Maybe THEN this
fucking hippie shit will be over
– This is CAPITALISM, right? You buy, you pay. You gonna FUCK with that
the whole fucking SYSTEM will collapse!
– Of course we’re STUPID! It WORKS! Those marketing fucks KNOW the
human brain’s a JUNKIE brain. You see the M of Mac Donalds, FIRST you
think of is a BURGER. You see the NIKE symbol FIRST you think of is new
SNEAKERS. This ain’t the NEW world, Mistral. This is the HUMAN world.
The big fat FUCKING stain and people believe it’s fucking HEAVEN!

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