The short music of Stained-The disappearance of good heart Joe.

the question of “should music be free to listen to” is a no go because before the final product is ready, a lot of energy and money has been invested. Just think of the composers and lyricists. Then it has to be arranged. Then you will have to find the right recording studio. Then the musicians who play it all and there is the recording by the sound engineer. This is quite a process. When the recording has gone well, the mix and master engineer come and make everything beautiful and glue it together so that it sounds beautiful everywhere.

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The music played by streaming sites are all compressed, so you listen more to noise than to music. Music is dynamic and the brain enjoys this. When it’s all flattened out, your brain gets tired of it quickly. Apart from that, you can’t add bass or treble yourself to determine your own taste. Download the uncompressed songs for a small fee. You will do the makers a huge favor with this.   



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