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Symphonic Rock Pop OperaStained-The disappearance of good heart Joe

On August 11, 2023, Kirmonrecords has released the rock opera Stained – The Disappearance Of Good Heart Joe. Maybe you misted it and we’re pleased if you help promote this epic undertaking. This opera is a modern day old fashioned fairytale about the life of four young people during the Christmas season in a huge city. 

Elian de Montcorbier (the writer of more than 50 books and poetry) came up with the idea of ​​writing a rock opera. The story is fictional with autobiographic elements and contains fiction but certainly also nonfiction and he has experienced a lot from this opera himself.
Stanislaw Kirner used his capabilities to provide the opera with music that relates back to the 1970s and 1980s. Apart from writing the concept  Stanislaw also made sure that it is not just rock music but also pop and symphonic. This is to build in an arsis and thesis so that as a listener you don’t just hear the same genre. In other words, a versatile opera. Let yourself be surprised.
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Esther Brouns, Sascha Burchardt, Rick Hovens and Janina de Brito Figueiredo:  Lead and backing Vocals
Herman Franssen: Bass
Roy Hofman: Bass on Funking Down The Blues
Hans In ‘t Zandt: Drums
Marcel Coenen: Guitars
Jack J C Peeters: Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Peter Cox: Guitars on Go Back in Time, Stained, Told Ya and The Disappearance Of Good Heart Joe.
Debby Thebrath: Backing Vocals on I don’t Care

Recording mix and Mastering: Stanislaw Kirner.